The early life of a Dutch rapper

Kynn, born Kevin van Geffen in the small town of Leiden in the Netherlands, is an inspirational Dutch rapper who uses hip-hop music to tell personal stories to his listeners. He reflects on things he’s seen or experienced in the past, his present circumstances and his vision for the future.

Having a distant relationship with both his biological father, who wasn’t around much, and his stepfather, with whom he had a volatile relationship, affected Kynn at home. He turned to poems as a child as a creative outlet to deal with his turbulent family life and channel the mixed emotions he felt, helping him develop his rhyming skills at an early age to be an inspirational Dutch rapper.


With influences from varied genres and artists, like Eminem, DMX, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Linkin Park, Muse, and the Prodigy, his poems naturally developed into inspirational rap lyrics. As a troubled teen, he was initially attracted to the tough image that rap music portrayed, but later got inspired by hip-hop artists who showed him that music could relay powerful messages to the masses. He recognized early on that these messages transcended race, religion, gender, and culture and were an avenue to channel positive views to those that could connect to the music through their own life experiences.

Harnessing his ability to learn, and determined to succeed, he taught himself how to rap and produce music. At around age 12, Kynn started creating rhymes and beats, arranging loops then chopping, pitching and tuning them.

Feeling like an outcast at times led him to quit school at 15. Not being able to handle the mundane routine and wanting to take his own path were the drivers for him leaving. Being out of the system gave him the artistic freedom he needed to develop his talent and focus on his passions.

Always eager to learn new things, he started diversifying his skills to include marketing, website development, graphic design, and videography; all creative interests that helped him express himself.


Inspired by great minds like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Indian guru Sadhguru, inventor Jacques Fresco and many others who have contributed great things to the world, Kynn wanted to use his music as a medium to convey positivity in a world that has lost touch with itself.

His work is intuitive and his music flows naturally. Nowadays he draws his inspiration from rappers like J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez, Yelawolf and singers like Gentleman, Jacob Banks and many more. He draws snippets from his life, from past and present experiences and things that he’s observed, and combines them with his vision for the future to create expressive lyrics, resulting in truly inspiring melodic rap music that conveys personal and meaningful messages.

Inspirational Rap Lyrics

In his rap lyrics, he delivers messages of hope, kindness, love, and forgiveness, using his music to tell stories that he hopes will ultimately affect those that listen to it. Reminding his audience that behind every façade, there’s a story that others probably know nothing about. He conveys empathy for those that have made mistakes, hoping that his audience will forgive those that have wronged them, or not judge too harshly without knowing their story.

Drawing on his own life experiences, where he’s taken the path less traveled and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals, he reminds his audience that they are the master of their own destiny and that life is what you make of it. In his rhymes, he calls on his audience to be brave, not letting fear hold them back from fulfilling their dreams. He believes that it’s better to regret failure then to regret the things you never tried in the first place.

The Album

After a 2-year hiatus from making music, Kynn needed some inspiration so he reached out to other talented artists he believed would reignite his passion and would add depth to his music. This led to the collaborative track “Sick and tired” and the solo track “A trillion reasons why”. Following on from this hugely exhilarating experience, Kynn decided to create his first solo album, named “Road to Carnegie Hall”.

The album title is a metaphor for today’s world. The world is full of noise, a combination of beliefs and opinions, that don’t get harnessed. It’s like walking into Carnegie Hall, hitting all the keys of a piano at the same time creating a lot of noise. If we tried to understand the role of every note on that piano, we would be able to create harmony. As with life, if we tried to understand the role of every emotion that makes us human; we could create inner balance and our own inner harmonies. All of these inner harmonies could combine to create greater harmony within the world. Check his new rap songs right now!

Musical Collaborations

Kynn enrolled Bryan Shortell, from the New York-based band Northern Faces, as the sound engineer for the album; they had an instant connection and were creatively on the same page. Although Bryan was tasked with mixing the whole album, he also features in the track “Jacob”, on which Kynn and Bryan collaborated.

Having a passion for all things creative, whether they’re visual, conceptual, lyrical or musical; Kynn took on the task of directing most of the album’s videos himself. Not only a skillful Dutch rapper, but Kynn is also a keen videographer. Enrolling the help of Atze Oosterhof, a prominent videographer in the Netherlands, the project has helped bring Kynn’s musical vision to life through his new rap videos.

Kynn’s journey has consisted of little snippets, moments in time, that have led him to today; a chain reaction of events has brought him to the place where he is meant to be. A place where he deals with the pain from his childhood and uses hip hop music to portray those difficult experiences in a positive light, giving hope to those that may be going through similar things.

With his new rap album, Road to Carnegie Hall, debuting in March 2019, Kynn is eager to get his message of love and hope out to the world.

This experimental Dutch rapper is bringing a unique voice and message to the hip-hop scene, with new rap music that will appeal to a diverse global audience, not only hip-hop fans. Not wanting fame or fortune, but wanting to positively impact the lives of young people around the world with his deep and inspirational rap lyrics, Kynn is one to watch out for on the global hip-hop scene.

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