Stop Bullying! Video release: Jacob (ft. Bryan Shortell)

In this anti-bullying video “Jacob” by Kynn and Bryan Shortell are taking a stand against these often very cruel deeds. The story is about a boy at school getting bullied. He’s leaving home early every single morning to be there before his bullies. After a long time of being a victim to this, he finally snaps due to the fact that they won't stop bullying him. This results in Jacob stabbing one of his bullies with a pen that has fallen from his backpack.

The video is meant to portrait a real live situation that unfortunately isn’t rare. Bullying is something that is still happening way too often. The main goal is to have it’s viewers connect to the topic and feel a certain empathy for people falling victim to it. Together we can make a stand in order to stop bullying!

Watch the video below:

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